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Job Code: Cpt-1248 -1249
Customer Care VA

Shift Hours: Full time, 60 hours per week,Weekdays,9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Weekdays and Weekends (7 days a week)
Timezone: AST
Category: Hotel and 

Requirements / Tasks:

  • Make bookings use our site on to book rooms as well as to book reservations at our restaurant.
  • Book rooms see above
  • Answer customer inquiries – Manage questions from Instagram / Facebook / / / our own website / email / yelp for our hotel and restaurant.
  • Manage responses on social media (please be specific, provide the type of responses) – Questions about the hotel or the restaurant. Specific questions will be directed to staff
  • Forward advanced topics/inquiries to staff via Slack – If they can not answer the question, they will open a slack window and send the question to the staff at the hotel

Software/ Applications:

  • Social Media Platforms ( FB / IG / Yelp / / / Slack / Gmail )

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