These 3 Fulfillment Warehouse Companies Will Give You Better eCommerce Support

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These 3 Fulfillment Warehouse Companies Will Give You Better eCommerce Support

It’s easy to see why the Amazon Marketplace attracts millions of shoppers. Cheap items, an easy-to-navigate website, and fast shipping are just a few reasons why people flock to it every day. Yes, it’s great to be an Amazon customer these days. But on the flipside, vendors are struggling to keep up with Amazon’s stringent regulations and constantly increasing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) charges.

In the first quarter of 2018, Amazon announced fulfillment service changes that caused FBA members to pay more. The change includes the following terms:

  • Fulfillment cost hike for almost all size classes: Small Oversize – 16.6% increase and Large Standard Size 14.2%
  • Elimination of peak and non-peak fulfillment rates
  • Shipping fees for dim weighted products (or products being scaled for dimensional weight instead of actual weight) also show a 22.6% increase on average

This is their biggest fee increase to date. At this rate, it’s becoming more and more practical for virtual business owners to find alternative fulfillment partners. Ready to branch out to other fulfillment partners? These 3 fulfillment warehouse companies will give you great ecommerce support:

1.       Red Stag

If you’re selling oversized, high-ticket, or heavy items, then Red Stag is a fitting fulfillment warehouse for you. The company specializes in such items – including products that need a little assembly. Red Stag offers low shipping rates – particularly for oversized and heavy products.

Here’s a rundown of Red Stag’s services and rates:

  • Fulfillment Costs (Pick and Pack) – $2.55 for the first item, plus 30 cents for each additional item
  • Stock shipment (Receiving) – $13.25 per shipment
  • Stock storage $1.25 per bin; $15 per pallet
  • Discounted shipping fees
  • Free startup and onboarding
  • Free estimation for Red Stag fulfillment warehouse needs
  1.       Ship Bob

Ship Bob is quickly gaining popularity among eCommerce sellers for its wide variety of services. This includes inventory management, order pickup, kitting, shipment, and returns. It’s also easy to integrate to different sales channels including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, and Bigcommerce.

Here’s a rundown of Ship Bob’s services and rates:

  • Stock shipment (Receiving) – $35 per shipment
  • Stock storage – $5 per bin and $40 per pallet
  • Customizable fees for combined services (pick-up, packaging, and shipping)
  • Free startup and onboarding
  • Free estimation for Ship Bob fulfillment warehouse needs
  1.       Ships-a-Lot

If you’re a Shopify seller, you’d be glad to know that Ships-a-Lot is a partner of the sales platform. In fact, Shopify vendors make up 90% of Ships-a-Lot’s clients. The founders of the fulfillment warehouse company started out as Shopify vendors, which explains Ships-a-Lot’s smooth integration with the sales platform. Vendors who sell in bulk and often use UPS for shipment will also find great deals from the fulfillment warehouse.

Here’s a rundown of Ships-a-Lot’s services and rates:

  • Stock shipment (Receiving) – Free
  • Stock storage – $35 per month flat fee inclusive of unlimited items
  • Customizable fulfillment rates for pick-up, pack, and packaging
  • Low shipping rates
  • Free startup and onboarding
  • Free estimation of Ships-a-Lot’s fulfillment warehouse needs.

Shifting to a more cost-effective fulfillment warehouse can save you a ton of money which you can put to better use, such as hiring an Amazon seller VA (virtual assistant), product improvement, and better online business marketing services. Which of these fulfillment warehouse fits your business best?


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