Our Story

10 years ago, our business started booming and we were all of a sudden understaffed. We needed to add members to our team fast but, instead of putting up a job ad in the papers; we decided to think outside the box and take a leap of faith.

We hired an online virtual assistant from one direct sourcing platform to another - Upwork, Elance, Onlinejobs.ph and Fiverr. It was a needle in a haystack but the vacancy was eventually filled but we had to invest in time training to get the job done the way we wanted.

After successfully training our virtual assistants, friends started asking where we found them, and from there sourcing the best Virtual Assistants became our passion. We learned the ins and outs of sourcing VAs, developed our very own recruitment team, training team and monitoring process that worked well for us, and started helping our friends and their businesses. This was the dawn of 20Four7VA.


20Four7VA is a USA based company with the security of licensure, insurance and contractual obligations. Our largest pool of Virtual Assistants are sourced from the Philippines. We also source VAs from the rest of Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Jamaica (US Territory), India & South Africa.

20Four7VA has an Open Door Policy with our VA’s. This guarantees mutual respect between VA’s and upper management, easier collaboration, and training support by our team of trainers.


20Four7VA is a global company; we have clients from all over the world. We specialize in eCommerce support, but also provide VAs for personal assistance.

Clients hire not only our VAs - they hire the team for no additional cost. We do everything to ensure that clients would be happy and satisfied with our VAs.

So, are you an overworked and understaffed entrepreneur too? Let our team help you like we have helped our other clients. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call +1 (443) 856-4882 now for an obligation free quote.

our story

Why 20four7va

1. Value and Trust

  • Professional Team Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Registered, Licensed and Fully Insured

2. VA Recruitment and Screening Process

  • 8 Step Process (includes written, verbal, research tasks)
  • Reference Checks

3. Dedicated Customer Service Support

  • Focused Priority on Client Relations
  • Ongoing Client Needs Assessment
  • 360 Degree Feedback Policy

4. Oversight & Accountability

  • Daily Time Monitoring
  • End of the Day Reports
  • Bi-Weekly VA Team Meetings
  • Random Screen Shares

5. Technical Help

  • IT Help Desk
  • VA Hardware Minimum Requirement
  • Internet Connection Speed Tests

6. Training

  • Access to VA University Library
  • Continuing Ed Training
  • Pre-Placement Training

7. Security & Structure

  • Large Client Base
  • Secured Client Communications

8. Payment

  • Payroll Processing via PayPal
  • Secured Invoicing via PayPal

9. Management/Group Cohesiveness

  • Client Dedicated VA(s)
  • VA Mentor Program
  • VA Team Leader

10. VA Placement

  • Match Clients’ Needs to Applicant Skills

20Four7VA Training Course Catalogue

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New Hire Orientation

New Hire Orientation

A comprehensive orientation & onboarding program that introduces new VAs to the company’s policies, culture & values. This gives newly hired VAs a solid foundation for their career.

Reverse Engineering with Google Trends

Reverse Engineering with Google Trends

A primer for Google Trends that introduces VAs to social engineering & its benefits to eCommerce businesses.

Business Blogging & Social Media Marketing

Business Blogging & Social Media Marketing

A session dedicated to the basics of business blogging which segues to social media marketing. This training covers campaign auditing, strategy drafting & evaluation.

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

VAs will learn how to find & reach out to viable manufacturers by identifying key qualifying points that are tied to your business goals which involves essentials such cost analysis.

Online Arbitrage

Online Arbitrage

A training program for VAs to learn the best practices of product sourcing & reselling. They will also be introduced to updated online selling platform guidelines & practices.

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central

VAs are trained on using Amazon Seller Central tools to help them efficiently manage their clients’ Amazon businesses. They will learn how to work with ASC’s inventory, order, advertising, reports, performance & pricing tools.

eBay Programs

eBay Programs

  • Introduction to eBay – setting up a seller account, creating &managing listings,& getting paid.
  • Building your business on eBay – best practices on reselling items, creating compelling listings, marketing your products, & completing pack & ship inventory.
  • eBay Stores 101 – best practices on optimizing & marketing your eBay store
Product Launching

Product Launching

Covers how to create a product launch strategy, how to leverage social media for marketing, defining your target niche, drafting email campaign strategy, performing basic SEO & keyword research, & monitoring campaign results.



Discusses the basics of selling on Shopify, creating an online store on Shopify & the best ways to sell products via Shopify.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools

Introduces keyword research tools & how they work to benefit sellers to further their businesses. Tools to be discussed includes: Google Keyword Planner, SEO Chat Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Tool Dominator, Scientific Seller Free Amazon Keyword Tool, & Merchant Words

Special Courses

Special Courses

  • Business Email Marketing Training
  • Amazon /eBay Inventory Listing 2.0 Training
  • Amazon Admin Training
  • FBA Training
  • Drop Shipping Training
  • Social Media Ad Training
  • Smart Call Training

How Does It Work

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Step 1

Step 1

Contact us for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION consultation on your needs. We need to understand your business in order to help.

Step 2

Step 2

We match those needs to the skills base of hundreds of Virtual Assistants worldwide.

Step 3

Step 3

An introductory screening call is setup so you can have a Skype or telephone interview with the prospective Virtual Assistants.

Step 4

Step 4

If that goes well, your new Virtual Assistant is ready to go the next business day once an engagement letter is signed and your subscription is setup.

Our VA Packages

Tier 1


  • Email & Schedule Management
  • Cold Calling
  • Basic Customer Service
  • General Bookkeeping
  • Lead Generation
  • Research and Data Encoding
  • Transcription
  • Product Sourcing
  • CRM Data Input and Verification
  • Process Documentation

$65 Part-Time (10hrs/week)
$104 Part-Time (20hrs/week)
$173 Full-Time (40hrs/week)

Tier 2


  • Advanced Customer Service Duties
  • Amazon Seller Center Duties
  • eBay Store Duties
  • Shopify Store Duties
  • Inventory Management
  • Basic Social Media Management
  • Basic Photoshop
  • Competitor Research
  • Seller Support Liaison Duties

$77 Part-Time (10hrs/week)
$126 Part-Time (20hrs/week)
$210 Full-Time (40hrs/week)

Tier 3


  • Content Writing & Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Video and Audio Production
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Blogging
  • eCommerce Site Set-up
  • Press Release Writing
  • Advanced eCommerce Support

$88 Part-Time (10hrs/week)
$144 Part-Time (20hrs/week)
$240 Full-Time (40hrs/week)

$99 setup fee following the 2-week provisional period applies.

What Our Clients Say

  • Catherine and Michelle are great to work with. Always responsive to our needs and concerns. They have provided us with exceptional VAs to work with. We cannot complain.

    Emily Schulz Purple Clay Brands
  • Easy to work with, simple, pleasant service & communication. Happy to recommend to others.

    Joannah Webster EZ-Bugz
  • We are very impressed with 20FOUR7VA and we are pleased with the VAs that are working with us. We do feel your process is a good one to keep tabs on our workers.

    Jubal Douglass Rosemarie Collections
  • 20FOUR7VA takes the hassle out of hiring and looking after VA's. They care about how well your team is performing and check in regularly. You know they have vetted people to be able to offer quality staff. If there's ever an issue they move fast and do all they can to make it right. I highly recommend them for any business looking to venture into the VA world. It just makes sense.

    Hamish Conway Amazonian Trading Company Limited
  • 2016
    Working with 20FOUR7VA has been a real pleasure. The hiring experience went extremely smooth, both Michelle and Catherine were really helpful in helping us to first interview a number of VA's and then in the testing and choosing process as well. We ended up finding a fantastic VA who is indispensable to our business. 20FOUR7VA are always providing new training to the VA's and they can also request new trainings if they would like. I would highly recommend 20FOUR7VA and will certainly use them again in the future if we need another VA!

    20four7 is a fantastic company if you're searching for VA's. Great communication and exceeding ethics, it's a pleasure to work with them.

    Hana Difrawy Little Wing Innovations
  • Very happy with the management of our VA. As we had never had a VA before 20FOUR7VA were very helpful in helping us.

    Joseph Hearne Incite Nutrition
  • The addition of our virtual assistant has been one of the most positive moves that we have made for our business this year. It has made all of the difference in our daily work life that this virtual assistant can take over many routine but very time consuming tasks. We need to learn to better utilize virtual assistants in our business. I complement 20four7VA for their skill in matching the needs of the client with the skill set of the virtual assistant.

    Edward Izard Best Self, M.D.
  • 2016
    My experience with 20Four7VA has been very positive. 20Four7VA have provided me with all the help I need to grow my business. They are professional and very helpful, they ask all the right questions and have found me the very best assistants who have exceeded all of my expectations on every level. I recommend 20Four7VA highly!

    Finding 20FOUR7VA and my virtual assistant has allowed me to grow my business in lots of new ways. I recommend 20four7VA highly.

    Elizabeth Clemons Live Blood Online
  • 20FOUR7VA has been wonderful working with me to find the correct staff that fits my needs and fits with my team. They consistently go above and beyond to make sure my staff has the training it needs.

    Karen Locker Solutions 4 Ecommerce
  • My VA is very professionally trained. She is on time and take care of lots of my business. Very smart and follow up very quickly. Thank you for your service!

    ShiHui Luo Lat Long Trade LLC
  • Overall Impression of 20FOUR7VA is excellent! A wonderful company that actively pursues customer satisfaction. The staff are easily accessible through Skype or email and responds quickly to questions or concerns which makes them easy to work with. They also care about the people who are working through their company too, which is important to me. Well done guys, thank you for all that you do every day for my brand and for the people you provide jobs for.

    Abigail Baines COO, FMS International
  • 2016
    I have been a client of 20Four7VA for nearly 2 years, and the experience has been very positive. They provide well-trained, respectful, and highly professional Virtual Assistants who can hit the ground running with a minimum of supervision or direction from the client. I appreciate the careful way they monitor the performance of their people, and how responsive they are to the needs of their clients.

    I have found the 20FOUR7VA services to be comprehensive and professional. Their people are well-trained and eager to bring excellence to whatever project they are involved in. I recommend 20FOUR7VA Services.

    Susan Schachterle Bella Home International
  • The 20FOUR7VA agency allowed my business to find the right VA without spending hours on the hiring and basic training process. By being specific with the agency about what I was looking for in a VA, they narrowed their search focus and were able to find someone who matched the qualifications I needed. It was a great process!

    Tara Anchor Lifestyle Properties LLC
  • The service that your VA's provide meets the highest standards and we plan to keep doing business with 20FOUR7VA for the long term.

    James Lissaint Moma Group Limited
  • Loved it - really simplified a potentially tough process and provided a great resource.

    Jacques Grobler Redstone Kitchenware
  • 2017
    Hiring Experience was excellent. Very easy and quick turn around to get someone working on your team. Monitoring program made us feel like we had someone making sure the needs of our business were being met. Staff Experience - very hands on staff at 20Four7VA so we felt like we always had support. Great company to get VA services from. We HIGHLY recommend 20Four7VA
    Hiring Experience: Good! Monitoring Program: Good! Training Program: Good! Staff Experience: Good! Everything is great. I was just a little frustrated with the payment mix up.

    Khadija Paul The B.I.G. Company
  • Overall, 20four7VA has done an outstanding job helping me staff key roles in my business. The hiring process was managed quickly and proactively, with several qualified candidates presented for evaluation. When we've had any issues, the team has been quick to respond with coaching, or transition to a new VA more suited to the task. The quality of work, communication, and value have resulted in a very positive experience in hiring and working with my first VAs. Thank you!

    Greg Mills RNI Enterprises
  • My overall experience with 20four7VA has been very good. I trust they monitor all aspects of VA's and their work load. I have referred them to those seeking a VA.

    Marion Gentry Direction With Purpose
  • I have been extremely pleased with 20four7VA. This is my first time utilizing VA services, so I didn't know what to expect. 20four7VA has made a turnkey service that takes all of the guesswork out of the process. Because 20four7VA provides VA's that are already trained on the required services, there was no upfront investment in time or resources to train my VA. She was ready to go on Day 1 and has performed above my expectations ever since. I would highly recommend 20four7VA's services to other business owners in need of assistance with their day to day business operations. Thank you!

    Scott Brink Chipper Moose
  • Your team provides a great service and makes it easy to outsource. There are others who place the burden on the hiring company but 20FOUR7VA takes the risk of wasted time and money out of the process. WE have recommended you many times.

    Jon Kurtz Dog is Good, LLC
  • 20Four7VA helped me to find a good hardworking VA who has worked with me now for just under two years. Although a second hiring was not as successful, I am very satisfied with the one that did. I have found 20Four7VA staff very helpful when I have had any cause to contact them, and this has been few showing the smoothness of the process for me and my VA.

    Tumi Hawkins Bethel Enterprises
  • I am very happy with Jahm, She is always communicating, always on time, punctual and always asks questions when she needs help. I can only think of one occasion when she misunderstood a customer.

    Lisa Temperton Vital Journey Ltd
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